North Powder Charter School serves nearly 300 K-12 students.  Located between the picturesque Elkhorn and Wallowa mountain ranges, North Powder is a small town of roughly 500 people.  North Powder’s Farm to School program is supported by Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Department of Agriculture, national service organization FoodCorps, the National Farm to School Network of the USDA and multiple local partners.

What we do

Farm to School (F2S) and school garden programs across the country are connecting students to real, healthy, local food.  This connection enhances not only the health and wellness of our children but also the health of our farms, economies and communities.  Here are some real life successes of North Powder’s F2S program:

Local food in the cafeteria:  We work with many local farmers, like Val’s Veggies, to provide fresh, seasonal produce on the lunch line and the salad bar.

School garden produce in the cafeteria and in the community This fall we harvested 815 pounds of produce from our school garden!  This produce was used in lunch recipes and served fresh on the salad bar.  In addition, we donated 347 pounds of school garden produce to our local food bank or directly to students.

Providing agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities: North Powder is an Ag town–we love our beef and potatoes!  Many of our students are part of ranching or farming families that have been in the area for generations.  We help highlight and foster these farming traditions by bringing in local farmers to talk with students.  In October 2013, during Farm to School Month, our 5th grade class had lunch with local organic potato farmer Doug Lewis of Agri-Star, Inc.  Farmer interactions like these help strengthen ties between today’s farmers and the young farmers and consumers of tomorrow.


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